Thomas Tampere


Thomas Tampere

Orthopedic Surgeon, Knee and sports Surgery, PhD Candidate Ghent University, Master in Sports Medicine, Team Doctor FC Club Brugge
FIFA F-Marc Certificated.


Dr. Thomas Tampere (Bruges, 1986) studied medicine at Ghent University, where he graduated magna laude in 2012. During his medical training, he obtained an additional diploma in sports medicine.

Already during his training, dr. Tampere developed a special interest in orthopaedic surgery and quickly took the first steps in orthopaedic scientific research under the supervision of Prof. R. Verdonk, Prof. P. Verdonk, Prof. J. Victor and Prof. F. Almqvist.

He completed a six-year training as an orthopaedic surgeon in Bruges (AZ Sint-Lucas – Prof. Dr. J. Victor – Dr. G. Van Damme), Roeselare (Municipal Hospital and AZ Delta – Dr. L. Van den Daelen – Dr. P. Gunst) and Ghent (UZ Gent – Prof. Dr. J. Victor – Prof. P. Pattyn – Prof. Dr. F. Vermassen), with special specialization in knee surgery under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jan Victor.

Dr. Tampere graduated as an orthopedic surgeon in 2018 with congratulations and was subsequently awarded the ‘Alumni University Ghent’ award for most deserving assistant.

Dr. Tampere also obtained an additional ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) certificate and the FIFA F-marc (FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine).

During his training, he was committed to the quality of the training for orthopaedic surgeons as a board member and chairman of the BOTRA (Belgian Orthopaedics and Trauma Residents Association).


In 2018, dr. Tampere as resident knee surgery at the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology of UZ Gent, alongside Prof. Dr. Jan Victor and Dr. Nele Arnout, with special attention to the conservative and surgical (arthroscopy) treatment of sports injuries (cruciate ligaments – ligaments – meniscus – cartilage) and to prosthesis surgery of the knee.

In 2019 and 2020, dr. Tampere has held several fellowships in renowned international centres such as the International Knee and Joint Centre (IKJC) in Abu Dhabi under the leadership of Dr. C. Brown, Prof. S. Parratte and Dr. R. Van Heerwaarden with a particular focus on the surgical treatment of sports injuries of the knee, arthroplasty and axis corrections of the lower limb.

Subsequently, he was a fellow in the sports surgery department under the supervision of Dr. Pieter D’Hooghe at the prestigious Aspetar in Doha, Qatar. In this ‘world leading’ hospital, specialized in sports medicine and the treatment of sports injuries, he was able to receive training in the field of knee and ankle pathology with Dr. Pieter D’hooghe, Prof. Dr. Peter Verdonk (AZ Monica, University of Antwerp), Prof. Dr. Stefano Zaffagnini (University of Bologna, Italy), Dr. Zarko Vukovic, Dr. Khalid Alkhelaifi and Dr. Matteo Regusci (Switzerland).

Subsequently, he was apprenticed at AZ Monica in Antwerp with Dr. K.C. Lagae, Prof. P. Verdonk and Dr. G. Derclercq, for further perfection in the state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of (sports) knee injuries.

Due to the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, approved fellowships at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS – New York), Centre Orthopedique Santy, Lyon (Dr. Sonnery-Cottet), the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam (AMC – Prof. Dr. G. Kerkhoffs) and at Mr. A. Williams (Fortius Clinic, London) were postponed or cancelled.

Since January 2021, Dr. Tampere has been working part-time at UZ Gent and part-time at the AZ Delta hospital / sports medicine center Sport’R in Roeselare as an orthopedic surgeon focused on the treatment of sports injuries of the knee and ankle as well as on the treatment of degenerative injuries of the knee (prosthesis surgery).

Dr. Tampere has been part of the medical staff of the first team of Club Brugge K.V. since 2020 after he has been responsible for the medical supervision of the reserves (club NxT) and the Club Academy since 2015.

Scientific research

In addition to his clinical activity, dr. Tampere a doctoral research (PhD) at (Ghent University) on the subject ‘Anterior Cruciate ligament Reconstruction: a Root Cause Analysis’. The goal is to optimize the prevention and treatment of anterior cruciate ligament injuries in all its aspects.

As part of his scientific research, he has published several articles in leading scientific journals and has spoken several times at national and international conferences.