Robbert Van Dijck


MD, Consultant Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine, Al Salam International Hospital, Kuwait

He was born in Breda (the Netherlands) on December 10, 1973. Graduated in 1992 from the Mencia de
Mendoza Lyceum in Breda. He chooses to study Medicine at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Because of my
affection for orthopedic surgery and broad interest in the musculoskeletal system, He decided to study
physical therapy at the college physiotherapy AVANS besides my study Medicine and completed this study
within 3 years. He started my training to become an orthopedic surgeon in 2002 in the Onze Lieve Vrouwe
Gasthuis Amsterdam (dr J. Willems) and the UMCU Utrecht (prof D. Saris, Prof R. Castelein). During his
residency, he did a traveling fellowship at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Vail to receive additional education
on knee sports injury treatment modalities. After finishing my residency he started to work as an orthopedic
surgeon at the Franciscus hospital in Roosendaal with specialism trauma and sports medicine (knee and
shoulder). In 2014 he preferred to go to Medinova clinics (Bergman clinics) because of the opportunity to
work as an orthopedic surgeon in a private hospital specialized in only sports medicine (knee and shoulder
injuries), especially the multi-ligament knee injuries. With a lot of enthusiasm, he still working at the
Bergman clinics in an ambitious and innovative setting. Besides my knee and shoulder sports medicine
practice, he also involved in scientific research and teaching on various subjects on the knee, sports, and
trauma. he is a faculty member and instructor in several international advanced knee courses and
board member of the Dutch Arthroscopy Society.

11:20 - 13:10
8:30 - 10:20