Maarten Van Der List


Shoulder surgeon, Medical director hospital Bergmanclinics Naarden, Netherlands.

After studying medicine and specializing as a surgeon, Maarten van der List worked for several years in a peripheral hospital as an orthopedic surgeon. He’s fully specialized in the shoulder since 15 years.
From 2008 he moved to a private hospital and is also Medical Director of the Bergman clinic in Naarden and Rijswijk (two hospitals 6-8 OR’s).
Van der List followed in 2012/2013 the “Managing Healthcare Delivery” course from Michael Porter at the Harvard Business Boston school, also applied these insights in his clinic and fully adapted to current insight for optimal patient care: effective & efficient.
Van der List is one of the founders of the Shoulder Community, a platform for research, practice and education. He is much in demand as a speaker at national and international congresses, including the knee and shoulder conventions of the European Society of Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA) (one of the founders ESA) traumatology.
He is now very interested in “shoulder dynamica and compensation mechanisms” and from the scapula view.




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