Friedrich Baumgaertel


Doctor of surgery, orthopedics and special accident surgery, St. Elisabeth Hospital Lahnstein near Koblenz, Germany

Prof. Baumgaertel is an orthopedist based in Koblenz, sports physician and accident surgeon with a wide range of operations in the field of bone and joint surgery. In cooperation with the St. Elisabeth Hospital Lahnstein near Koblenz, a variety of operations of the entire musculoskeletal system are performed.

Prof. Baumgaertel is internationally recognized for his scientific work and work as a lecturer. He is an excellent lecturer and trainer at courses and conferences on orthopedic and trauma surgery worldwide.

Since 2010: private practice in Koblenz
Doctor of surgery, orthopedics and special accident surgery

2003/2004: Hospitant
Minimally Invasive Hip Arthroplasty Los Angeles, USA (Prof. Joel Matta), Foot Surgery, Seattle, USA (Prof.Ted Hansen)

1996 – 2010: Clinic Director and Chief Physician
Clinic for Accident, Restoration and Orthopedic Surgery, Endowment Center Mittelrhein and Director of the special station of the industrial professional associations for the severely injured

1993: Venia Legendi (teaching permission)
Philipps University Marburg: 1993
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz: 1996
Unscheduled professorship in Marburg: 2000

1989 – 1990: Research year
Habilitation fellowship AO Research Institute, Davos
(Scholarship of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)
1987 – 1995: Senior Senior Physician
Department of Traumatology Phillips University of Marburg 1987 – 1995 (Prof. Dr. Leo Gotzen)

1987 Promotion
MHH Hannover, on the topic: “Experimental stability study of the upper ankle joint.”

1986 – 1987 Orthopedic Trauma Fellow
The University of South Florida, Tampa, USA (Prof. Jeff Mast, Prof. David Helfet)

1982 American State Exam

1976 – 1986: Research Assistant and Resident
University of Göttingen (Prof. HD Peiper), Albert Swiss Hospital in Northeim РSurgery (Prof. Gerd Zierott), Hannover Medical School РTrauma Surgery (Prof. Harald Tscherne, Prof. Norbert Haas)

1976: German state examination

Medical studies
Georg-August-University Goettingen

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