Ehab Aldlyami


Hand & Wrist Orthopaedic Surgeon at Medcare Orthopaedic and Spine Hospital

Dr. Ehab Aldlyami is a specialist in treating hand and wrist injuries at the Medcare Orthopaedic Centre. He holds a European Diploma of Hand Surgery from Spain, an FRCS trauma and orthopaedics and an MRCS, both from Royal College of Surgeons, UK.

His previous experience spans positions such as senior house officer in Plastics Surgery, University Hospital Birmingham, senior house officer in Trauma and Orthopaedics, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, specialist registrar Trauma and Orthopaedic, Northumbria Healthcare NHS, senior specialist registrar Trauma and Orthopaedic, University hospital of North Tees. He has a Pulvertaft Clinical Hand Fellowship from Royal Derby University Hospital, UK, and did a stint as a consultant hand and orthopaedic surgeon at Royal derby Hospital, all from UK. He is member of the British Society of Hand Surgery, of the British Orthopaedic Association, of the British General Medical Council, the AO foundation and of the AOPEER.

Dr. Aldlyami’s expertise encompasses an impressive list of specialised procedures in managing carpal tunnel syndrome, Trigger digits, Dupuytren, epicondylitis, cubital tunnel syndrome, carpal injuries and disorders (scaphoid fractures and nonunions, carpal instability, kienbock), wrist arthroscopy and management of distal radioulnar instability, management of tendon injuries and tendon transfers, nerve repair and nerve graft, complex distal radius fractures. His proficiency extends to management of Dupuytren’s contracture with Needle Aponeurotomy, management of Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow, management of malunited fingers and distal radius, management of chronic hand and wrist pain. management of hand and wrist sport injuries, treatment for rheumatoid and osteoarthritis of the hands and small joint replacement and surgical correction for hand deformities.

When Dr. Aldlyami finds time in his busy schedule, he likes to play tennis, and go fishing, and scuba diving. He speaks Arabic and English.