Beirut, Lebanon

5 Speakers / 10 talks

July 14, 2023


ITC is honored to participate in the IMS this year with a session on 14th July that will cover the following topics:

  • THA, back to the basics / Friday, July 14
THA, back to the basics / Friday, July 14
Sherif Khaled

Approaches to the hip, do they make a difference!

16:30 | 16:40
Hayder Al Saadi

THA versus fixation femoral neck fracture

16:40 | 16:50
Sherif Khaled

How a fernoral morphology affects implant choice during THA

16:50 | 17:00
John Condray

Spinopelvic relation in robotic THA and functional planning with MAKO

17:00 | 17:10
Sheik Mehboob Hussain

Dual Mobility Hips: Risks Vs. Benefits

17:10 | 17:15

All Faculties

Q&A – Audience Response

17:15 | 17:25
John Condray

Robotic Assisted THR, Technique and Evidence

17:25 | 17:35
Sherif Khaled

Total Hip Arthroplasty in patients with dysplastic acetabulum

17:35 | 17:45
John Condray

Arthroscopic labral repair or debridement? Early outcome comparison

17:45 | 17:55
Sheik Mehboob Hussain

Salvage options: Arthroscopy, and Periacetabular Osteotomy

17:55 | 18:05
Sheik Mehboob Hussain

Case Discussion: Complex THR

18:05 | 18:20

All Faculties

Q&A – Audience Response

18:20 | 18:40


International Musculoskeletal Society (I.M.S.)

Founded in 2008, the International Musculoskeletal Society (I.M.S.) is a 501(3)c registered non-profit organization committed to the advancement of health care standards throughout the Middle East.

Formerly known as The Society for Progress & Innovation for the Near East (S.P.I.N.E.), I.M.S. has broadened its focus to incorporate all musculoskeletal disorders including General Orthopedics, Pain Medicine and Rehabilitation, Spine Surgery, Trauma, Pediatrics, Sports-related injury, and much more.

I.M.S.’ mission is to improve patient care for people with pain and disability caused by orthopedic, spinal and neurological disorders by promoting the most advanced medical techniques and technologies.

The Society is comprised of an association of internationally recognized spine and orthopedic surgeons and mobilizes a powerful network of faculty committed to this mission.

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